The Devil Hates Mondays (it’s out!)

It’s out! (It was out a bit before this! The world just sort of blew up on me, and I didn’t think to post… whoops? I’m only human, and the coffee is only so strong…..)

I’m not normally one for comedy in audio fiction, if we’re being honest. I tend to lean more towards horror and sci fi — or, all the ones that live in the space occupied by both of those genres.. (I know. It’s a common thing. Possibly an overdone one……. And yet, that doesn’t stop me….) but, especially given the current state of the world, who couldn’t use some comedy?

You can find it here, or on Apple Podcasts.

If you listen, tell me what you think! I’ve only got a small part in this one, so for the most part – I’m listening along with everyone else. And…. y’all, Gary’s coworkers…? Big yikes. Not a fan…. but excited to see where this one goes!

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